Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your Inner Artist

isn’t it about time to get re-acquainted with your inner artist? what – didn’t know you had one?? highly unlikely!! remember those days as a child when you played, drew, painted, cut and pasted with abandon? and you proudly showed your work to your mom or your teacher? you weren’t worried about form or line or color or perfection – it was the process that was exhilarating! and the fact that you yourself created something from nothing and it was totally unique, never before seen by any other human being! stop what you’re doing – right now – and try to remember that feeling!

that’s what this long weekend will be about. recapturing the desire to create, whatever your medium might be. whether it’s painting or decorating or cooking or gardening or photography or……well, you get the idea. it’s amazing what can happen when you get together in the company of others who are wanting to rekindle their own sparks. it’s something i can’t tell you in words. you just have to experience it for yourself!!

and what better place to experience it than high atop mt. palomar at a gorgeous mountain lodge set in the pine trees. the retreat experience will begin well before the retreat itself as i will be sending out (optional) “homework” assignments to get you thinking about the topics we will explore together.

  • read all 4 posts (especially the welcome one) and check the pages listed upper right for complete retreat details.