Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Save the Dates!

True or False:

  • i feel strong when i nourish my body.
  • i feel sharp when i nourish my mind.
  • i feel enlightened when i nourish my spirit
  • creativity is an excellent source of nourishment
  • relationships can nourish and enrich my life

if you answered “true” to one or more of the above, 
you would be an excellent candidate for the next  
space between creativity retreat
aptly themed, 


come spend a few days nourishing your body, mind and spirit 
in the mountains of san diego county

join a small group of women who are interested in spending some time
hiking, journaling, creating and sharing, 
all in the comfort of a luxurious mountain lodge.

you do not have to be an artist to attend this retreat! 
in fact, you don’t even have to think of yourself as creative
(you are, but you may not know it yet!)

save the dates:
march 24-26, 2011

details to follow  
pricing will remain around the $300 - $325 level (all-inclusive) 
with discounts for previous attenders or bringing a friend

limited spots available  
no commitment required at this time, 
but please let me know if you are interested.  
 you can email me at:  patty@nomadicnotebook.com