Monday, April 15, 2013

I Dream in Lavender

i have written about lavender and lavender field experiences several times these last few years on my other blog.  obviously it’s something that resonates with me.  deeply.

 so having the opportunity to teach something near and dear to my heart to a group of enthusiastic students who “get it” in this atmosphere – well – pinch me!  it’s hard to think of anything that i would rather do! 

Classroom - outside

Classroom - inside
 it’s a bit of a trek out to the farm, the last portion on a somewhat rugged dirt road.  all the more conducive to feeling away from civilization…we had the entire place to ourselves and also the gentle guidance of alicia, the farm owner.  can you imagine?  

 we had 3 separate photoshoots, each with a different theme, separated by class time.  we went out on our own to experience the true meaning of doing photography in a mindful state. powerful. 

 we learned about metaphor, minimalism and wabisabi.  fun stuff. 

 sunshine, open land, flowers (not just lavender!), bees and ladybugs, interesting objects, a labyrinth, cooling breezes and a palpable sense of calm. no wonder i am dreaming in lavender! 

 p.s. i am so energized by my students’ enthusiastic responses i am already brainstorming and adding new ideas for the next class.  stay tuned! 

Lavender lovers

(you can find out all about the farm here. )