Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(last minute) Re-schedule!! April 1-3

"change is inevitable - except from a vending machine"  robert c. gallagher

it's been a busy week.  the living room is piled with stacks of stuff ready to load into my car for the upcoming retreat. food preparation is underway.  itineraries and "assignments" printed and ready to go.   last minute shopping supposed to happen today.  i've been keeping my eye on the weather, but wasn't too worried.  then i got a call this morning about the fact that up on mt. palomar there is already 9 inches of snow on the ground with more expected tonight and then again tomorrow night.  the little (dirt) road that leads to our lodge is not plowed.  it may be impassible.  there could be snow/rain/slush and freezing - icy conditions.  wow.  didn't expect this!!  

they wanted to know did we want to take our chances??  or consider re-scheduling?  my heart sank.  none of us have 4-wheel drive.  what are the chances that you can give a group of women an alternate weekend and have them be available?  i had very little confidence in this (oh me of little faith!) but i went ahead and polled the group and.... miracle of miracles.... everyone can make it next weekend!  in fact, several actually preferred that.  this also opens up the possibility that those who had other commitments this weekend may be able to join us after all.  if you are one of those people, perhaps april fool's is your lucky day!!  

you can scroll down here to see more details.  in a nutshell, we will be spending time in nature and connecting with kindred souls around the topic of  "nourishment - body, mind and spirit".  we will be exploring mosaics, altered photos, collage and massage/reiki through brief targeted workshops.  throw in some photography, journaling, poetry, great food and drink, a luxurious cozy mountain lodge and many other surprises and you will have an idea of what our weekend will look like.  we arrive mid-day on friday and stay until mid-day on sunday, with a couple of trips to the state park for hiking thrown in.  if this sounds like it might be up your alley, please let me know asap, ok?  would love to have you join us and soak in all the goodness that awaits!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Around the Corner!!

time is skipping right along toward spring and also to the next retreat!  (march 25-27)  i have been busy with planning.  since we have some retreat “repeaters” i am opting for brand new material for our discussions, our workshops, our folders resources, etc.  it’s stretching me a bit, but that’s good.  even new hiking trails!  yup – it’s going to be good!

 here is a bit more exciting news.  one of our participants is a massage therapist as well as a reiki practitioner.  she has very generously offered to share some of her expertise with us!  she will be doing a presentation on foot massage and reiki and may also practice a little of her massage technique on us!!  what a great way to tie into our “nourishment” theme.

 i am so looking forward to sharing our perspectives on this theme!  i know we will learn so much from each other.  and that, my friends, is the best part!!  so excited (as you can see...)

(we have a great group, but there is still room at the lodge for last-minute-ers! 
might that be YOU??)

(all photos taken in Palomar Mountain State Park, 2/11)