Thursday, August 29, 2013

SPACE BETWEEN 5 - "Words & Images" November 5 - 7

i love words and i love images.  but you know what i love even more?  combining them!  whether you love taking photos or painting or drawing, making collages or just random doodling, your work can be so much more powerful when combined with just the right words.  conversely, if writing is your thing, illustrating your words with a powerful image, whether literal or metaphoric, can add meaning and depth to your work.

 i’ve been dreaming of a retreat that would embrace this theme for a while now.  we’ll each collect and bring some favorite words, quotes and/or poems to share, create some images with paints, papers and cameras, stir the pot and end up with combinations that speak deeply to us!

we’ll also do some fun word play activities, guided journaling, and you’ll  have the opportunity to create a personal metaphor – a symbol image that can guide you on  your creative journey.

there will be book-sharing for the word lovers and a table set up with supplies for art exploration throughout the weekend for image lovers.

of course, there will be opportunity for exploring the beautiful lodge grounds, hiking, sharing laughs and stories, ample good food and drink, photo ops, perhaps some yoga, and some free time to soak it all in.  and as always, all activities are optional. 


 breathing fresh mountain air and hanging out with kindred spirits - what could be better??  i hope you will consider putting your responsibilities on hold for a few days to join in the fun!!

 (all photos taken at previous retreats)

to see the lodge on Palomar Mountain (San Diego County)
(if money is an issue, please contact me.  i may have some creative solutions!)