Monday, July 25, 2011

Space Between 4 - Creative Practice!!

It's just around the corner!!

crisp mountain air.  golden leaves.  rip-roaring fires.  hot tubs.  i know, i know, it’s still the middle of the summer….. but  i’m starting to dream about these things and about all the fun that’s going to happen at the next space between retreat!! 

this year of “imagine” has prompted a plethora of new powerful PRACTICES to permeate my life (wow- that’s a lot of p’s!!).  there is sooooo much inspiration out there if you look for it, but it can become a little distracting and overwhelming in terms of translating it to actual creative output.  it’s easy to start something, try it a few times, get distracted by something else, try that, etc. etc.

i’m convinced that practices can have a profound effect on the creative life.  the way i am defining practices is like this:

something you do regularly to enhance creative and/or spiritual well-being and growth

examples of practices:
  • engaging in  your creative pursuit
  • (apart from an actual project)
  • journaling
  • meditation/prayer
  • inspirational reading
  • visualization
  • soul collage
  • shiva nata
  • art journaling
  • contemplative photography
  • brain-storming
  • yoga
  • working with affirmations
  • gratitude journaling
  • accountability relationships
  • blogging
  • reading/writing poetry

we'll explore the ones we are interested in and learn from each other.  there will also be plenty of time for connecting, hiking, journaling, art-making and just hanging out together or alone.

i plan to teach contemplative photography and art journaling.  i know some of the participants will have things to share as well, so the retreat details will evolve as we get closer and i will post when i have new information.

i'm super excited (it's not getting old!).  the price is staying the same.  you can register HERE or with me directly.  just $100 will hold your spot.  if you register online, you need to pay the full amount.  there has been a lot of interest so don't wait too long!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who Should Attend??

i have been wanting to deal with this topic for a while.  because if you have never been to an art retreat, it can be a little intimidating and you may think you would not fit in.  or benefit from what is offered.  or have anything to contribute…. 

believe me, i have been there!  i have been there myself and i have also watched others who were pretty overwhelmed with the idea of coming together with a group of “strangers” and being expected to share.  and to actually produce something.  but we showed up anyway.  and let me tell you, i have watched some amazing transformations take place.  and that’s what drives me onward!

so maybe the retreats are not for everyone.  or maybe another retreat is a better fit for you.  after all, there are a lot of choices nowadays!  so i came up with this list to try to clarify who it is that could best benefit from the retreats that i am doing:

  • 1.      women who feel they are hopelessly “not creative” (we will prove you wrong!), yet are drawn to the idea.
  • 2.      women who feel that they may have some creative tendencies, but don’t know what they are.  (that was me a few years ago.)
  • 3.      women who are already following a creative path, but are lacking direction or have some frustration with their journey or want to share their experiences with others in a safe environment.

 at the space between retreats, all activities are optional.  so if there is anything that makes you uncomfortable, well, go ahead and skip it!  or just watch.  the groups are small (10 or less).  the atmosphere is open, friendly, accepting and supportive.  you are encouraged to contribute something to the group (wide range of choices), but not required.

 skills are taught, but are not the entire focus of the retreat.  in the past, we have learned soul collage, yoga, mosaics, altered photos, mixed media, fabric baskets, shiva nata and foot massage. ideas for the future include art journaling, contemplative photography and meditation, as well as revisiting some of the above.   we have shared poetry, inspirational books, recipes and ideas.  nature is prominent in this setting and (optional) hikes in the state park,  national forest and lodge grounds are included.

 so…. there you have it.  the next retreat is tentatively scheduled for November 4-6.  in addition to the other activities, we will be taking a look at our creative journeys and share some of the practices that best help to move us forward.  please let me know if you have questions or would like to reserve a spot!!