Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sneak Peek!!

there is a space
that beckons you….
free of worry, care, responsibility
a space in which
the whole of you is welcomed
embraced, encouraged
a space where
 no pretense is needed
no mask required
you are free to dream
to share, to create
to laugh, to learn, to love...

when you reach
the far side of this space
and reluctantly
leave it behind
you will find
that a little piece of it
snuck into your suitcase
a glowing talisman
to remind you
that something has shifted
and you are not the same
and never will be
i know
because it has happened to me
each time i visit

 lots of ideas swirling around in my head for a spring retreat….i’m loving the “alone & together” theme and the idea of us putting together a collaborative presentation involving images and words at the retreat.  also maybe a releasing bonfire (either indoors or out) that we prepare for alone but execute together.

i would like to try a mid-week retreat and have tentatively scheduled APRIL 3-5 but if that presents a problem i realize i may have to switch to a weekend.  just testing the waters....

i would really like to accommodate women who would love to attend but are not able to for financial reasons.  if this is you, PLEASE contact me and maybe we can work something out with job discounts or trades of some sort.

more details to follow....
would love to know if you are interested
  (no commitment required at this time!)