Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's a Wrap!!

it started small.  in fact i had to cancel the first class due to lack of interest.  um, yes, discouraging… especially given the hours of work that went into planning, setting up, etc.….

 but i persisted.  with the encouragement of the gallery directors and a few other individuals i stayed the course, pushed those pesky negative demons to the side and moved forward….

 i have already written about the first class and now the other 2 in the Creativity Unleashed series have been completed.

we wrote, we shared, we created, we played, we connected… we had a show and tell demo time that blew everyone away with the sheer creative diversity!  we discussed so many aspects of the creative life and in so-doing, every one of us re-discovered the magic that can happen when we open our hearts and minds to the creative spirit and to each other.

to end on that note would be nothing short of thrilling for me.  but there’s more!  the group decided that a good thing has been put into motion and that we don’t want it to end.  we have already planned our next get-together.  from there, who knows?

i am beyond grateful to these women.  and renewed once again in my confidence to keep moving forward and trust the process.  yes.

Love these gals!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Magic Begins!

these are soul collage cards.  they are all mine.  i so wish i had thought to photograph the ones my lovely class members created in the first creativity unleashed workshop because they were simply astounding.  i don't think that is too strong of a word.  by the time each participant shared their piece(s) and the meaning behind it, we were all blown away!

it has been a bit of a journey in itself birthing this class and watching it become a reality.  i so love doing it because i feel that it brings together the different parts of me..... teacher, artist, photographer, presenter, organizer and friend.  it's really just the most fabulous thing!  and somehow the people that need to be there are the ones that show up..... LOVE that!

ArtBeat on Main Street

 there are 2 more classes to go and anyone can join at any time.  scroll down to the previous post to read the details.  i'm already excited for the next class.  we will be tackling those creative demons head-on and get into a little art journaling as well..... it's gonna be GOOD!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Creativity Unleashed (tweaked!)

we have been busy tweaking the details of this series of workshops and this is the latest scoop.

 since it looks as though a summer retreat is not going to happen…. instead i am re-routing my energies into a small series of workshops at ArtBeat on Main Street designed to discover, uncover or fine tune your creative voice.

 things have evolved so much in my life these last 3 years….it has not always been easy, but i am realizing now how i have moved beyond thinking i was not creative at all, to being completely passionate about the creative life.  i have read and shared and learned SO MUCH about this topic and i find it so powerful and exhilarating that i want to share what i have learned.  hoping that this will be the first of many!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Retreat Scheduled!!

where do you stand on the journey that is your creative life??  it is a journey like no other, a journey of the heart.... but it can be filled with pitfalls, ups and downs.  are you a seasoned traveler?  or just taking your very first footstep?  or maybe hesitating  with your foot suspended in the air, afraid to set it down?

wherever you are…. it’s so important to connect with those who “get it”.  to gather together and reexamine our journeys in the context of others.  we become refocused, energized, enlightened

i’m thinking of this as a “back to basics” retreat.  especially relevant for those who are new to the creative life or have not yet dipped their toe into these exciting and powerful waters.  or maybe just need some clarification and refocus.  the theme, discussions, "homework" and activities will be tweaked according to the needs of the group.

we’ll immerse ourselves in nature, art and sharing
then throw in some luxury, laughter and learning

the end result??

we’ll head back into our regular lives
refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and rekindled

ready to take the next steps toward our creative dreams

what could be better than that??

unlike the big, impersonal art retreats that cater to the masses and offer a dizzying array of classes, the space between retreats are small, intimate and low-key.  the retreat planning and details are partly determined by the participants and will evolve as sign-ups occur.  you will leave not only with new focus and energy, but with new friends who want to stay connected and become part of your “tribe”.

registration is open here.  
check the pricing page here, especially the discounts!   
retreat dependent on minimum # of sign-ups by july 30.  
hope you can come!!!

(all photos from previous space between retreats)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Retreat Hiatus

in the long and winding road that is the creative journey.....

it seems that it is time for me to take a break from retreat planning...

i would be lying if i said that i wasn't sad about this.... because quite frankly i have loved every minute of doing it

but apparently the time is not right for another retreat...

so i must accept.... and move on

who knows what the future will bring??

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alone & Together - Coming April 10 - 12!!

 we contemplate all that is around us,
 reflect on our experiences
and dig deeply into ouselves
 for that which needs to be expressed.

we share that which has been unearthed,
provide support to one other
and learn in new and profound ways.

this retreat will be about weaving alone times and together times
 in ways that will nurture
forming stimulating new patterns
and resulting in yet-to-be-discovered collaborative outcomes.

it’s going to be exciting…
i hope you will join us!!!

there will be a little of everything….

art choices (tailored to group)
great food & drink
releasing bonfire
optional assignments
structured and non structured time
yet-to-be-determined contributions by participants
and lots more!!

A couple of details:

Pricing info here
  • I am adding a $25 early sign-up discount if you pay in full by March 1st (discount code: early)
  • There will again be a $25 discount for bringing a friend (discount code: friend)
  • There will again be a $175 discount if you do not need to stay at the lodge (discount code:  day-timer
  • if finances are a problem, there may be other discounts available - let me know!
  • If there is not a minimum number of participants by March 15, the retreat will be cancelled with full refunds given (sorry, have to do this to manage my own stress level!) 
  • If a week-day retreat (which allows me to give more discounts) turns out to be unrealistic, I can still change it to a weekend

 Read feedback from previous retreaters here. 


 I have some collaborations in the works for future retreats - very exciting, but the price will likely need to increase.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sneak Peek!!

there is a space
that beckons you….
free of worry, care, responsibility
a space in which
the whole of you is welcomed
embraced, encouraged
a space where
 no pretense is needed
no mask required
you are free to dream
to share, to create
to laugh, to learn, to love...

when you reach
the far side of this space
and reluctantly
leave it behind
you will find
that a little piece of it
snuck into your suitcase
a glowing talisman
to remind you
that something has shifted
and you are not the same
and never will be
i know
because it has happened to me
each time i visit

 lots of ideas swirling around in my head for a spring retreat….i’m loving the “alone & together” theme and the idea of us putting together a collaborative presentation involving images and words at the retreat.  also maybe a releasing bonfire (either indoors or out) that we prepare for alone but execute together.

i would like to try a mid-week retreat and have tentatively scheduled APRIL 3-5 but if that presents a problem i realize i may have to switch to a weekend.  just testing the waters....

i would really like to accommodate women who would love to attend but are not able to for financial reasons.  if this is you, PLEASE contact me and maybe we can work something out with job discounts or trades of some sort.

more details to follow....
would love to know if you are interested
  (no commitment required at this time!)