Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thoughts for 2012

as the new year approaches… i have been thinking about some new retreat ideas and wanted to share.

i would love to figure out a way to offer a free retreat for those who could truly benefit but could never afford it….i’ve been mulling over this idea for a while… it’s going to  take some research!!  if i can figure out how to fund it, i could take applications and offer the spots to the most deserving applicants.  any ideas??

 i was thinking it would be fun to have a choice of classes available to meet different needs.  i feel comfortable teaching altered photos, contemplative photography, art journaling, transfers, soul collage and art collage and i have friends who could provide other choices.  hmmmm…..

 i like the idea of collaborating on a presentation.  each participant, through the use of homework and prompts would share some personal words and images which i could combine into a collaborative presentation to be shared at the conclusion of the retreat.  could be powerful…. and fun!!

 last week’s solstice emphasis on releasing got me thinking that it would be fun to have such a ceremony around a bonfire with the group.  the upper meadow lodge has a special area set aside for bonfires that we haven’t yet utilized.

my word of the year has been “imagine” and i was thinking it might make a fun retreat theme.

i’ve also thought about “alone and together” as a theme.

i’d love to bring some native american influences into the retreat planning.

 just some thoughts….. always open to suggestion!!

 (all photos taken at the space between 4
"creative practice" retreat last november)