Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Garden Gathering - August 17!

because of its close proximity to the creative play retreat, i never got a chance to reflect on and write about the garden gathering we had in may (check the link to see more details...) so let me just say..... it was everything i hoped for and more!!  women grouping together to share their journeys, relax in nature and create is a wonderful thing.  it's nourishing on so many levels....

thanks to the enthusiastic response, i have decided to set up another garden gathering this month.  same basic format but this time we'll play with spirit sticks and painted rocks.  or if you prefer to bring your own project to work on, perfectly fine too!!

here are the details.  still just $25 all-inclusive.  my email is here if you have any ??s.  please register in advance (here or with me) (subject to minimum participation) hope to see you there!!
p.s. the garden house is air-conditioned!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Creative Play Recap

there were so many wonderful things about this retreat it’s hard to know where to start!  first of all, these ladies came as a group.  they work together and get along so well that they like to play together too.  how awesome is that?? so a “creative play” retreat seemed like the perfect theme!

i had never been up to the lodge at this time of year before but it was truly magnificent.  the clouds below framed by shining green ferns and punctuated with lavender and purple lupine…. totally dreamy. 



we spent time outside and hiked in the forest, capturing the beauties of nature, as well as “playing” with it a little.

 we spent hours happily creating….. watercolor, nature prints, tile painting and mandalas. we had a “show and tell” for our beautiful creations. 

we had gourmet meals served by our amazing “head chef” elissa who is a master of delightful presentation. delicious and beautiful.  oh, and a well-stocked bar.

 we relaxed.  we laughed a lot.  there were goody bags and a raffle.  and there was dancing….

 we shared stories, ideas, hopes and dreams, and things of the heart…..connecting and bonding in the process.

 there is a lot of planning that goes into something like this…. but to me it mostly feels like play and not work.  i was deeply honored to be a part of it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Garden Gathering - May 18 1-5

need a little refresh and recharge?  or maybe a bit of creative inspiration?  an afternoon with the girls in a beautiful, relaxing environment? 

please join us for an informal creative gathering in the garden house at Alta Vista Gardens on Sunday, May 18 from 1 to 5.  We’ll share our current stories, spend some time exploring the wonders of the garden or walking the labyrinth, do a little creating and enjoy some wine and snacks.

Bring a creative project to work on or join us in playing with leaf printing and spirit sticks.  Bring your camera and/or journal if you wish.


The gardens are such a treasure, featuring a diversity of plants and art pieces, a waterfall, a labyrinth, and multiple nooks and crannies with benches and tables.  It's constantly changing and there is always something new.  Add the presence of a group of creative and supportive women and the experience is taken to a whole new level.

Hoping you will join in the fun… just $25 includes everything!
You can sign up here or with me directly. My email is listed on the top pic.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Art Journaling class

so this is happening.  i have a few more hours to contribute for my grant and will be translating them into a free community class at artbeat on main street.  i'm vacillating between being excited and a teeny bit anxious... this is all still pretty new for me.  and i already have a list of sign-ups and not sure how many i can comfortably accommodate.  it's going to be an adventure for sure!