Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Garden Gathering - August 17!

because of its close proximity to the creative play retreat, i never got a chance to reflect on and write about the garden gathering we had in may (check the link to see more details...) so let me just say..... it was everything i hoped for and more!!  women grouping together to share their journeys, relax in nature and create is a wonderful thing.  it's nourishing on so many levels....

thanks to the enthusiastic response, i have decided to set up another garden gathering this month.  same basic format but this time we'll play with spirit sticks and painted rocks.  or if you prefer to bring your own project to work on, perfectly fine too!!

here are the details.  still just $25 all-inclusive.  my email is here if you have any ??s.  please register in advance (here or with me) (subject to minimum participation) hope to see you there!!
p.s. the garden house is air-conditioned!!