Sunday, March 20, 2016

Contemplative Photography Comes to the PNW!

some of my happiest moments ever have been those immersed in nature with only my camera as a companion.  the experience is all the more meaningful and memorable if i’m able to let go of the chatter that normally occupies and hi-jacks my mind.

 i’ve been longing to teach my favorite class…. and this new setting is so perfect for it!   there’s this land and all its growth in the full dress of spring. trees and plants large and small, critters, bugs, life everywhere! 

The Space Between Studio

and the bay, oh, the bay…. each day it has a different mood and attire.  the water, the sky, the clouds, constantly changing, no 2 views the same.  

then there’s the water’s edge, complete with kelp, rocks, shells and a myriad of  little sea creatures.

what better place to be drawn in by the surroundings and connect with them through our cameras?  a chance to leave the pressures behind and succumb to nature’s soothing balm. it will be a day of learning and sharing and an opportunity to begin a new practice that can have a powerful impact on your life.

i realize this may be a whole new concept for you.... a couple of recaps of former classes can be seen here and here.  please email me if you have questions.  i hope you will join us on april 11!