Friday, July 19, 2013

The Days After

the days after a big event are always a little weird for me…. there is so much that goes into planning all the details and i’m so focused on it right up until the day…. once it’s over, i feel a little at loose ends.  

 there is so much going on in my head… from the stuff we didn’t cover and the stuff i forgot to mention to the conversations i want to remember…. worries about what everyone thought to the ideas i want to use in planning for another time… 

 it can all be just a tad mind-boggling so i have to pull away from all of that and just sit with the experience.  review my photos and remember all the sweet parts about the day. 

 connections, insights, “ah-ha’s”, sharing from the heart, relationships forged and strengthened, creative excitement, new ideas, wonderful food, friends who “get us”, encouragement, immersion in nature, down time, laughter, time to wander and reflect…. 

ahhhh..... all of that and more took place.  so grateful to have been part of this day!

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  1. It looks and sounds wonderful and so very rewarding for everyone!


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