Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Space Between

where did that title come from you ask?  well, on january 9, 2010, as the very first retreat seeds were starting to germinate in my head and i was thinking it would be a good idea to have some kind of title….. i was reading the daily page from my awe-manac and it happened to make note of dave matthews birthday and suggested using the title of his well-loved song, “the space between”, as fodder for creative inspiration.  it was at that moment that it hit me – the perfect name for my retreats!

and now that i am planning the 4th retreat, i’m more convinced than ever that it was the right choice!  because when we retreat we do step away for a time from our lives.  we enter a space that is not only a get-away and a rejuvenation, but a space in which we can look at our lives through a different lens.  we can try on new ideas, bounce them off each other and learn SO MUCH!!

so when we leave that space return to the space that is our daily lives, it will not be the same.  we will bring something back with us.  i think this is what i love the most!

i’m heavy into detail planning, lists, emails, powerpoints, gathering materials, etc. etc. at the moment.  i love every little part of it.  for the first time, it will be a whole new group of retreaters – exciting and a little bit scary at the same time.  i have enough confidence in the process, though, to know that it is all going to be wonderful!!

still have space if you would like to join in the fun!!
(details below in previous post)