Sunday, March 25, 2018

Creative Wellness

How do you take dual passions and combine them?  That has been my challenge in birthing Creative Wellness.  It’s a workshop/support group that seeks to foster creative expression as part of the total wellness journey that we all find ourselves on.  As we age, it’s true that vibrant wellness becomes more difficult to achieve.  But it’s certainly possible to do so!  We just have to work a little bit harder and I believe that creative expression in some form is part of the equation.   

It’s healing, it’s satisfying, it’s relaxing and it provides meaning and often connection with others as well.  Not only that, but it tends to make our efforts a lot more fun!

So with that in mind, I’ll be starting a Creative Wellness group next week.  Details above. I hope it is the first of many.  And that the community shows up and gets a taste of what it can be like to live a life that is not based on just surviving, but on long-term THRIVING.

p.s. The first 2 classes are totally free.  After that, if there is any charge, it will be minimal, just so I can cover my expenses.  I'm not selling anything!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Space Between 7 - Creativity Rx Re-run!!


ladies!  due to the wonderful response, i am setting up another retreat may 8-10.  it will be the same as below (but maybe even a little better as i learn so much from each retreat...) thank you!!!

spring, renewal. rebirth, healing, wellness, creativity - i’m getting excited just thinking about it!  after 2 years of living in these nourishing surroundings, the time feels right to bring women together in pursuit of wisdom, wellness and inspiration.

i want to build on what i’ve learned from my previous retreats and move forward in this new and beautiful environment. we are all creative creatures, but sometimes we need a little jumpstart or inspiration from someone else to get the ball rolling.  we have some fun and easy creative explorations planned, which can be adjusted to any level of expertise (or NO level).

and the wellness piece?  well. ever since stu’s cancer diagnosis 2 years ago, i have been immersed in wellness information.  i’ve spent 120+ hours listening to documentaries and interviews with doctors, researchers, scientists and experts about how we can take control of our own health, live vibrant lives and thrive as we get older.  i look forward to sharing a few of these tidbits and i absolutely believe that creative expression is part of the wellness puzzle, so it all works together!

everyone will contribute in some way.  this is where the wisdom comes in.  it’s amazing what we learn from each other in a comfortable, accepting and supportive environment.  every retreat has confirmed this and with a few simple prompts and activities, i have no doubt that it will happen again – part of the magic!

so… i hope you are on board to make this happen!  as long as we have 5 people, we can do it and maybe even bring in a “scholarship” woman who needs to be there (I’m working on this…) as an alternate, if you can’t make it this time, i’m going to try for another date in mid-may, so let me know! i have set up a payment site to make it easy or you can deal directly with me if you prefer. 


 the price includes beautiful log cabin accommodations, healthy and delicious meals, all activities, a resource folder, goody bag and life-long memories and friendships. there are discounts for cooking or bringing a friend and for sharing a sleeping space so let me know and  i will give you the discount code.  and just a reminder - all activities are always optional.  so you can pick and choose or just hang out if you wish.  it's YOUR time!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Contemplative Photography Comes to the PNW!

some of my happiest moments ever have been those immersed in nature with only my camera as a companion.  the experience is all the more meaningful and memorable if i’m able to let go of the chatter that normally occupies and hi-jacks my mind.

 i’ve been longing to teach my favorite class…. and this new setting is so perfect for it!   there’s this land and all its growth in the full dress of spring. trees and plants large and small, critters, bugs, life everywhere! 

The Space Between Studio

and the bay, oh, the bay…. each day it has a different mood and attire.  the water, the sky, the clouds, constantly changing, no 2 views the same.  

then there’s the water’s edge, complete with kelp, rocks, shells and a myriad of  little sea creatures.

what better place to be drawn in by the surroundings and connect with them through our cameras?  a chance to leave the pressures behind and succumb to nature’s soothing balm. it will be a day of learning and sharing and an opportunity to begin a new practice that can have a powerful impact on your life.

i realize this may be a whole new concept for you.... a couple of recaps of former classes can be seen here and here.  please email me if you have questions.  i hope you will join us on april 11!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Space Between Moves North!

yes, its been a while…. but you know how i feel about the space between and i’m happy to say that it still exists, though it has migrated many miles north from its original habitat....

we moved to the olympic peninsula in february.  one of the many wonderful things about the property we bought here is its separate studio cottage.  some of the first renovations we jumped into involved improving the space to make it workable and i’ve already spent many happy hours there creating.

but  i’ve felt from the beginning that this space was intended to be shared.  i feel that it’s a positive, healing space that can foster connection and collaboration.  i’ve been wanting to have some small workshops and gatherings but the time was just not right until now.

 i’m ready!  i’ve saved all my “curriculums” and am excited to share them with with new participants.  so i’m planning to host “creativity unleashed” on october 28 and it’s already full so i’m adding an alternate date on october 30.  exciting!!

this is actually a 3 part workshop, but we’ll take it one step at a time and see how it goes…. please let me know if you are interested or have any questions (contact info above).

hope you enjoy these pics from some workshops in the past.....

you can also scroll down to previous posts and see some of the fun that the space between has generated in its past life!