Friday, April 26, 2019

Creative Resilience Retreat

I took this picture over 2 years ago….  At the time I had no idea that come 2019 there would be a possibility of hosting a retreat at the house you see there (barely!) on the left.  A truly amazing place!  As some of you know, I have been immersing myself this past year in information about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their impact on adult health and well-being.  Part of that endeavor involves exploring the avenues that create true RESILIENCE and I thought that it would make for a powerful theme for a women’s retreat.  We ALL experience adversity and we need solid tools to combat it and claim our own RESILIENCE.

Enter my good friend Nancy Osier, who is a counselor and life coach trained in ACES and their impact.  She has recently published a wonderful book, Divorced After 50, which lays out a path to navigating adversity and life transitions and finding RESILIENCE.  We are super excited to be teaming up to share some concrete information and techniques with you, all while relaxing in an amazing beach house in the most gorgeous setting you can imagine!

Yes, of course, there will be creative projects involved…. as well as beach hikes, gathering, journaling, sharing, plenty of good food and down-time to spend as you wish.  Bringing women together has been one of my true passions these last few years and it never fails to amaze me what can result. So check out the details above and join us!  And see for yourself what I mean!!

A note about pricing: Summer is high time in this area.  It's a wonderful time to go to the beach, but there are no bargains, so yes, the pricing is higher than my other retreats have been.

Discount codes: The listed basic price is for the MASTER SUITE. For a private room (non-master), code is "private" ($25 discount) For a shared space (twin or bunk), code is "share" ($50 discount) If you want to cook, the code is "chef" ($75 discount). If you can come daytime only, code is "daytimer" ($350 discount). Hope this isn't too confusing... just the way we had to set it up!

Our emails are listed above should you have any questions.

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