Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 is an Odd Number

so is it possible to bring together 7 women of very different backgrounds,  ages, lifestyles and experiences and end with a result that is filled with goodness, beauty, inspiration,  and love???  i am here to tell you the answer and it is a resounding YES!!

was it the constantly swirling mists with the light peeking shyly through ever so often?

or the white space between the swirling that our brains discovered following shiva nata practice?

was it the juicy conversations going on all day long with kindred souls who we felt really “got us”?

or the amazing variety of soul collage cards and their insights created and shared with the group?

was it the lovingly prepared, healthy and colorful meals?

or the interesting array of gourmet snacks everyone brought to share?

was it the intensity of the colors of nature muted by the flowing mists escorting the route on our hikes?

or the dilapidated barn we discovered and hung out at?

was it the cozy comfort of a rip-roaring fire in an inviting mountain lodge?

or the spirit woman stories shared amidst candlelight and said fire?

was it the lilting lines of soul-touching poetry filling the empty spaces?

or the insights being jotted down all through our days
 in each personal journal?

was it the vast smorgasbord of inspiring books available for our perusal?

or the excitement of making plans for the future
with friends we had only met 2 days before?

well, none of the above in isolation could produce the enchantment that we all were so fortunate to able to soak into..... but all of the above in combination..... well, i'm thinking that 7 is a MAGIC NUMBER!!!


  1. it looks like such a phenomenal weekend!

  2. Thanks, Patty, for arranging the retreat; and thanks to all who were there. I learned a lot from you and am still learning from the experience. I enjoyed it tremendously.

  3. Thanks, Patty, for everything. It really was a wonderful weekend.

    <3 to all of you who were there!

  4. mmmmmmmmmm. sounds wonderful. so proud of you patty, for making your vision a reality AGAIN. sounds like it only gets better.

  5. Yay! So glad to hear that everything went well! I hope to attend some day...

  6. Patty, this looks and sounds wonderful. I'm glad that you did it and that it went so well. Yes, indeed seven is a magical number!

  7. wonderful wonderful photos & beautiful words. this would make a great book to read..........

  8. Looks like you had a great time. Sorry I missed it maybe another time. I enjoy reading your blog too. Thanks

  9. wow, this looks like a phenomenal weekend!


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