Friday, May 24, 2013

Contemplative Photography - Palomar Edition - coming July 17

a little over an hour from the coast and 6,000 feet above it is a world apart.  palomar mountain is a unique southern california community, an intriguing blend of beauty and history.  i have been so fortunate to have hosted 4 retreats at beautiful upper meadow lodge and have loved every one of them!  i thought this would be the perfect setting for the next contemplative photography workshop.

this amazing lodge will be our base and we’ll explore from there on 3 photoshoots during the day, each with a different focus.  there are 8 acres of grounds and plenty of interesting photographic subjects ready to pose for us.

 it’s one thing to be the one that always takes the family pics.  it’s another thing entirely to go out on your own, just you and your camera, shooting exactly what grabs you and draws your attention. it’s not only lots of FUN but it’s calming. and centering. and a wonderful way to express yourself creatively. 

 with just a little guidance, you can learn to incorporate this healing practice into your daily life.  your eyes will be opened in new ways.  you will connect with nature and begin to learn from it.  your photos will have deeper meaning for you and that will be obvious if you choose to share them with others.  

this class has been evolving for a while and i absolutely love sharing what i have learned.  i am adding/changing all the time and will offer a 50% discount if you have taken the class before.

details and registration link below.  i hope you will join us! 
(it’s cooler up there!) 

discount codes:
repeater: 50% if you have taken the class before
friend: 20% discount if you bring a friend

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