Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Next??

now that i’ve had a month to bask in the warmth of the october retreat  and had another amazing opportunity to retreat with my scarf sisters in manzanita, my little brain is starting to knock on the door of my heart and ask this question.  what is the next step?  do i want to plan another retreat??  

i feel that there is a momentum that has been created and i want to go with that flow but i do want the retreats to evolve and i want to evolve with them.   for me they are a very special means of creative expression and, hence, they should never become stagnant.  they should grow as i grow.  as i learn new truth and wisdom, those elements will be translated into retreat elements.  and since each retreat is a huge growth experience for me, i want that growth to be reflected in each subsequent retreat.  

at this point in time i cannot elaborate as to what those details will be, but when i am able to articulate them, this blog will be the vehicle for sharing them.  i’m toying with the idea of some possible themes and also considering 2 retreats for spring –  one small and intimate as the others have been and maybe one a little longer/ larger (hence more expensive) with a guest artist or 2.  stay tuned!

P.S.  thinking of the last weekend in march 2011.  open to suggestion!!