Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Retreat Scheduled!!

where do you stand on the journey that is your creative life??  it is a journey like no other, a journey of the heart.... but it can be filled with pitfalls, ups and downs.  are you a seasoned traveler?  or just taking your very first footstep?  or maybe hesitating  with your foot suspended in the air, afraid to set it down?

wherever you are…. it’s so important to connect with those who “get it”.  to gather together and reexamine our journeys in the context of others.  we become refocused, energized, enlightened

i’m thinking of this as a “back to basics” retreat.  especially relevant for those who are new to the creative life or have not yet dipped their toe into these exciting and powerful waters.  or maybe just need some clarification and refocus.  the theme, discussions, "homework" and activities will be tweaked according to the needs of the group.

we’ll immerse ourselves in nature, art and sharing
then throw in some luxury, laughter and learning

the end result??

we’ll head back into our regular lives
refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and rekindled

ready to take the next steps toward our creative dreams

what could be better than that??

unlike the big, impersonal art retreats that cater to the masses and offer a dizzying array of classes, the space between retreats are small, intimate and low-key.  the retreat planning and details are partly determined by the participants and will evolve as sign-ups occur.  you will leave not only with new focus and energy, but with new friends who want to stay connected and become part of your “tribe”.

registration is open here.  
check the pricing page here, especially the discounts!   
retreat dependent on minimum # of sign-ups by july 30.  
hope you can come!!!

(all photos from previous space between retreats)

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