Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Around the Corner!!

time is skipping right along toward spring and also to the next retreat!  (march 25-27)  i have been busy with planning.  since we have some retreat “repeaters” i am opting for brand new material for our discussions, our workshops, our folders resources, etc.  it’s stretching me a bit, but that’s good.  even new hiking trails!  yup – it’s going to be good!

 here is a bit more exciting news.  one of our participants is a massage therapist as well as a reiki practitioner.  she has very generously offered to share some of her expertise with us!  she will be doing a presentation on foot massage and reiki and may also practice a little of her massage technique on us!!  what a great way to tie into our “nourishment” theme.

 i am so looking forward to sharing our perspectives on this theme!  i know we will learn so much from each other.  and that, my friends, is the best part!!  so excited (as you can see...)

(we have a great group, but there is still room at the lodge for last-minute-ers! 
might that be YOU??)

(all photos taken in Palomar Mountain State Park, 2/11)


  1. Love the photos! I'm looking forward to the retreat.


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