Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NOURISHMENT retreat details!!

Please join us March 24-26
for the next amazing
Space Between retreat,
themed "Nourishment"
Takes place at the gorgeous 
Upper Meadow Lodgeand surrounding area
high atop Mt. Palomar in San Diego County

2011 has arrived in all her glory and the days will start ticking by in their usual relentless manner.  now that the worst of the flood damage control and restoration is behind me, i can start to devote some time to a much more fun and exciting endeavor…. retreat planning!!!

i have been tossing around some ideas…. trying to imagine (my new word of the year!) some ways to change things up a bit since we will have some retreat “repeaters” and ways to incorporate the retreat theme of nourishment.

here are some “teasers”:

first off, let me restate the space between motto.  everything is optional.  if you choose to participate in these preparations and activities, wonderful.  if you choose not to, for whatever reason, no one will think less of you.  i promise!!

  • consider bringing a recipe to share for something that is both nourishing and delicious.  (you don’t have to bring the actual dish, well, unless you want to)

  •  consider some type of contribution to the retreat – this could be a poem or story or book to share, an art technique or any other kind of technique to teach to the group, a presentation of some sort, a prepared dish or meal.  you probably have other ideas…. (don’t forget, no pressure…. it’s optional!)

  •  our discussions will be loosely-structured toward the nourishment theme…. body, mind and spirit.

  • we will each make lists of what nourishes us (probably as homework) with optional sharing.

  •  we will keep “nourishment notes” in our journals or a separate space.

  •  we will have a few planned nourishing quiet times, to let it all sink in

  •  we will share art techniques and have several available options for art-making

wow – writing all of that out is getting me excited!!  now comes the hard part… i’m going to ask for a $100 commitment to hold your space, any time but for sure by the end of the month.  as soon as i get about 4 or 5 checks, i will commit to our lodging.  just email me if you need my address.

i have updated the pricing page.

oh – one last note… i can’t find specific dates, but i’m pretty sure late march is included in turkey hunting season, as was the case last year.   i think the best way around this would be to avoid the national forest and hike in the state park.  that will give us some new territory to explore.  all outdoor photos here were taken in the Palomar Mountain State Park  (scroll down to see lots more photos of the retreat  lodge and area!)

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