Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nature as Nuture

i’m posting today almost “on location”. no, i’m not at the upper meadow lodge, but i am just down the road at a cozy cabin on mt. palomar. i came up here to preview the hikes for the march retreat. it’s been kind of cold and blustery, but then, well, it is february and it is the mountains, after all!

as i was hiking today, i was thinking about “nourishment”, the theme for the next retreat. and for me, when i think about what i find to be nourishing in my life, NATURE is right up there near the top of the list! which is why i have chosen a lodge that has over 8 acres of wander-able land. and why i think a beautiful natural setting is vital to the success of the retreat. and why hiking is such an important part of our agenda.

no one is required to hike. as with all space between activities, it’s optional. but for those who are able, i think you will find it to be a soul-sustaining activity. something to look back on and cherish. to sooth the challenges that will inevitably come your way.

i feel that the time spent quietly in nature creates spaces in our brains that open themselves to all sorts of creative inspiration. it all works together. i have seen it happen and i am a believer!

scroll down or go to "older posts" for more info.  still accepting sign-ups for this retreat!!
(all photos taken feb. 9 and 10 on mt. palomar)


  1. oh - wish I could come! I do love nature. :)

  2. How nice to find this other blog of yours. Your retreats would have been perfect for me, but the distance is a little bit too much.


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