Monday, April 11, 2011

Sinking In

it’s all over so quickly, but as i told my retreaters, little bits of goodness keep popping into my brain and letting me know that they are there to stay.  wanted to share a few of the special retreat moments:

  • lying down on our backs on the deck gazing at the constellations
  • discovering a lingering patch of snow and making snowballs 

  • finding juicy tidbits in the books we brought to share
  • navigating and holding out a hand to help each other across the many rain-swollen creeks

  • sharing ideas of what true nourishment means to each of us
  • coloring mandalas

  • moments alone on top of the rocks with the sunrise - twice
  • stumbling upon things i had never seen even though it was my third time there

  • watching each person’s altered photos come out in such unique ways

  • collaborating on a mosaic project and seeing the results
  • seeing women who just met connect and engage in deep conversations


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