Sunday, January 20, 2013

Date Change

It’s been about 10 years since I began to practice photography seriously. On pretty much a daily basis for the last 3 or so. This is my first attempt at teaching it. I resisted for a long time. The idea of teaching traditional photography does not excite me, so it took a while to find my angle…

I get that not everyone feels as I do about photography. Yet everyone has a camera.  So at your fingertips you have an amazing tool for creative expression as well as a means for self-discovery, stress-reduction, connection with the natural world and pure fun. Doesn’t that sound like something worth pursuing??

 If you are at all interested, just come to the first class and see what you think (I promise not to be offended if you don't come back :~) ) I do need you to let me know and register in advance by paying for the first class ($20 or $15 if you are a returning participant or bringing a friend)You can pay at the gallery or send me a check or I can send you a paypal invoice (painless!)
Hope you can make it!!
Oh, the 2nd hour of the first 2 classes will be spent at Alta Vista Gardens - the perfect setting in which to tune our creative photographic eyes!

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