Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dave Storer says, "We are all born with incredible creative abilities, and few things in life make us happier than fully engaging those abilities.  To let a belief that we haven't the proper "permission" - from either society, family and friends, or ourselves - stop us from developing our creative abilities and expressing our deepest, truest selves in the best creative way we know how would be a terrible loss."

Do you struggle (as so many of us do!) with giving yourself permission to do the things you really love? We all have so many responsibilities it seems, so many things that need our attention, so many things that are unfinished. It can be really difficult to let those things go even for a short time and step away into a space that is different. But different in a good way! Nourishing. Positive. Enriching.

I so believe in the truth of the quote above. Once you have mustered the courage to give yourself that needed permission and do allow yourself to step away, there is no turning back. The mystery that awaits you is powerful. It will change you in ways that you can’t yet imagine. I know this is true!

look forward to hearing from you!!

(as always - all photos taken in the area of the retreat)

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